Excerpt from Chapter Nine – “Family and Dammo’s Legacy”

Published August 5, 2016

Arrogantly Shabby: A Pawleys Island Memoir by Clara C. Bitter

Excerpt from Chapter Nine – “Family and Dammo’s Legacy”:

The importance of Dammo’s contribution to the fifteen years of vacation emerged when, as a widow, she devoted the remainder of her life to her large family. She held a special place in the lives of the generations who enjoyed her legacy.

Dammo stood as the “grande dame” of the Ffolliott clan and someone who could trace her ancestry back to the Mayflower. Her Dublin born husband Frederick Kerr Ffolliott, called Daddo, born nineteen years before her, died in 1948, when she was sixty-five. Many years a widow, she doted on her five children and umpteen grandchildren. Family eclipsed all else. She bequeathed her longevity to her five children who all lived to see their ninetieth birthdays.