Excerpt from Chapter Eight – “Visitors — A Mass of Humanity”

Published August 2, 2016

Arrogantly Shabby: A Pawleys Island Memoir by Clara C. Bitter

Excerpt from Chapter Eight – “Visitors — A Mass of Humanity”:

The years run together, pictures helping to distinguish each by the ages of the children. However, one event divided the vacations into two segments: with Dammo and without. Dammo died in November, 1978. Afterward Betty and Billy continued to make the trip while daughters Winnie, Hitchy and Nanny discontinued their jaunt from New England.

The absence of the Swoyer girls and their families freed up bed space. In 1979, the Saengers — big George, Kay, Matt and “Reno” — joined the Bitters and Elmores, returning every year thereafter. At this point, “Ellis Island” prevailed as the home to the Karl Bitters, the Elmores and a guest or two. John and Carol moved from the upstairs cell to the downstairs privacy of “The Black Hole of Calcutta.” I don’t know who occupied John and Carol’s relinquished space, probably teens. “The Last Roundup” nicely fitted Steve, Maggie, me, and then baby George in 1982. The Saengers occupied the second bedroom upstairs with their two boys. Millie and Miles later joined George and Kay when extra guests needed space in “Ellis Island.”